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The Jug and the Sixpence

Friday 21st April, 7.30pm


A Unique Evening of Supernatural Lancashire Folktales and Discussion
with storyteller and writer
Jacqueline Harris MScR


The unforgiving wind tears over Morecambe Bay, Pendle Hill and the flatlands of the Fylde where the faeries dance and witches fly.

Come for old and new stories of Lancashire, and to explore what it means to story our landscape.

Jacqueline Harris (Storywheel) is a storyteller, writer, theatre maker and creative practitioner specialising in British folklore and the embodiment of story. Following her research Masters on the transmission of stories at the University of Edinburgh, Jacqueline published her third book, ‘The White Dobbie’, with artist Marjan Wouda, a collaborative project on story and landscape. She is currently working on her fourth book, developing a new writing/performance project around witches and landscape, and bringing her Storywheel workshops and courses on the stories we tell ourselves to a wider audience, both in-person and online.

All tickets £10.00

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