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SUNDAY 18th JUNE 2023


In the last 18 months the funtastc four have played an astonishing 200 shows to over 250,000 people on a packed tour headlining at Butlin’s resorts and in their own shows at Blackpool’s viva Showroom and Edinburgh Festival. Xmas 2022 saw them take leading parts in ELF-The Arena Spectacular in all UK major cities


Leading the madcap mayhem is Jordan Conway, comedian, actor, total lunatic with enough energy to light up the national grid. Joel Hatton tries to keep him in check whilst attempting to juggle and unicycle, with not much help from the acromaniac Matt Knight. Adding, glamour and aerial skills, but not much common sense is the amazing Romy Bauer.


Together they present the freshest and funniest new family show in the business suitable for all ages including seniors and adults without kids!


Starts 2.30pm

Tickets £15

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