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Celebrate the outstanding career of the ‘Princess Of Pop’ Miss Britney Spears in this unparalleled production with hits such as.. Baby One More Time.. Slave For You.. Stronger.. and Oops I did It Again.

Lucy Rose is the definitive Britney spears Impersonator. Everything from costumes to choreography is a complete replica of Britney’s legendary style. Lucy's ability to imitate the voice, style, mannerisms, and legendary dance moves live is what sets Lucy apart from the rest. Absolute Britney recreates some of Britney’s most iconic live performances and is created, produced, and delivered with pride and will leave you amazed at the resemblance.

‘Absolute Britney’ is the most authentic live Britney Spears Tribute production to date complete with some of the industries finest Musicians, Dancers, and visual effects.


Absolute Britney is a fully live-vocal and instrumental production. 

All tickets £25.00

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